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29-12-11, 07:32
Hello inthe round,
've broken one S_yS02Card (full-ABO) onmy Fritz boxat home,butt here were problems with the wireless stabilityI change now.
So I've now gaine da Dream DM 800 HD SE Ferrari.
I joined this yesterday an dimmediately receive all the free channels.However, I can receive and decrypt any channels or Sky.
Do I have to installto receive S_y one software?
stable image which rang for home sharing?
as a clientI use OpenboxS9 and S11Skybox

Thank you inadvance foryour help


Hallo in die Runde,
habe bisher eine S_y S02 Karte (voll-ABO) über meine Fritzbox zuhause aufgeteilt, da es aber probleme gab mit der W-Lan stabilität.
Daher habe ich mir jetzt eine Dream DM800 HDse Ferrari zugelegt.
Habe diese gestern angeschlossen und auch auf anhieb alle freie Sender empfangen. Jedoch kann ich keine Sky-Sender empfangen bzw. entschlüsseln.
Muß ich für den Empfang von S_y noch eine Software installieren?
welche Image läut stabil für homesharing?
als Client nutze ich Openbox S9 und Skybox S11

bedanke mich im voraus für eure Hilfe


29-12-11, 10:00
Have you installed cccam mate?
You need that to read your card.

30-12-11, 09:07
hello inthe round,

no I'venot yet installed cccam.
search through the forums I have found nothing, the rubric cccam I think only the headers for the lower card .also a howtoI have not found.
which runs cccam stable on the DM 800 HD se Ferrari?

Thank you inadvance foryourhelp


Hallo Ruizinho,
hallo in die Runde,

nein ich habe bisher noch keine cccam installiert.
nach suche im forum haben ich nichts gefunden, unte der rubrik cccam finde ich nur die überschriften für die karten. auch ein howto habe ich nicht gefunden.
welche cccam lauft stabil auf der DM 800 HD se Ferrari ?

bedanke mich im voraus für deine hilfe


30-12-11, 10:33
You need to install cccam or your card won´t be work.
Don´t know wich image you have installed in you dream but go to this thread http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread.php?118865-TSpanel-4-0&highlight=ts+panel
and download and install the TS Panel in your box. To install the Ts panel you need to open DCC and go to var/tmp then transfer the file enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel_4.0_mipsel.ipk
to the tmp folder in your box. Now you need to install it manually with your remote control in your box. You need to go to Filemanager (don´t know where it is because don´t know wich image you have)
in my box i only need to hit blue button and go to filemanager then scroll down to the tmp folder e install the Ts panel plugin.
After you installed the plugin you will have the TS panel in your plugin menu. All you have to do now is enter the panel and go to addons and choose sat4fun addons server and
now you can install all you want on your box also cccam, install only things acording to your the image that is installed in your box.

30-12-11, 15:54

I've installed using the TSpanel your description, but unfortunately, I find there only SKY_Ital addons, but here I can not my S02 SKY card to decrypt.
under addons / Cams VTI-I think the V13 but not S02.

can someone tell me where I can find the corresponding cam?

best thanks in advance


ich habe anhand deiner Beschreibung das TSpanel installiert, doch leider find ich dort lediglich Addons SKY_Ital, hier kann ich jedoch meine SKY S02 Karte nicht entschlüsseln.
unter Addons / Cams-VTI finde ich die V13 aber keine S02.

kann mir jemand sagen wo ich die entsprechende cam finde?

besten dank im voraus

30-12-11, 16:16
Wich image you have installed on your dreambox?

30-12-11, 16:22
TSpanel information
image information

Kerni Skin

iCSV Images
Enigma 2010-12-20-experimental
http: //ihad.tv
Image:Experimental 2010-12-11
Frontprozessor-Version: 3

Turner A: BCM4505 (DVB-S2)

Festplatte keine

30-12-11, 16:32
Go to Tspanel open Addons and scroll down to Ferrari_addons_Server, scroll down until you find Cams GP2 Gemini2 and GP3 (iCSV)
and install CCam 2.3.0

30-12-11, 16:45
TSpanel, open Addons
TunisiaSat Dreambox
TunisisSat Vupluss
Dreambox packeges
Sat 4fun
CCam 2.3.0 not found!!!


30-12-11, 16:57
Sorry mate i had TS panel 4.0 on by box lol now is up to date

Go to Sat4fun_addons_server
Cams-GP2-3 and scroll down until you find E2-mipsel-CCcam_2.2.1_110128 and hit the green button to install

31-12-11, 07:37
Hello Ruizinho,

Boat is quite short, then the display is, in second Line *** Stop ***
I tried everything:
DreamUP ( with USB: Connects to Uploud ... waiting for confirmation does not happen more
No. R01 CA found: in the display
DreamUP ( with LAN going through various screens, but nothing happens (running overnight)

I am absolutely clueless what should I do now?


Boot recht kurz, dann steht im Display, in 2. Zeile ***Stop***
habe alles versucht:
DreamUP ( mit USB: Verbindet sich, Uploud ... wartet auf Bestätigung nichts passiert mehr
im Display steht: R01 No CA found
DreamUP ( mit LAN gehe div. Bildschirme durch, jedoch nichts passiert (über nacht laufen lassen)

ich bin absolut ratlos, was soll ich jetzt machen?


31-12-11, 10:25
This shouldn´t have happen by installing the cccam. Have you installed a new image?
To recover your box you need Sunray flash from here http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread.php?111469-Dreamup-For-800SE
Then go here and download this image http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread.php?121693-Ferrari-SSL86F-iCVS-Image-dm800se-20111121190630
Plugin the sunray cable that have been send with your dreambox it shoulb be like this one

Once the cable is pluged it should popup a window
this will install the drivers you need on your computer.
After all done switch the receiver off and open the sunray flash that you have download click conect and turn on your receiver again
this works like dreamup so you wont have any trouble using it, flashing the new image should take about 10 minutes
so be a little bit patience.

31-12-11, 10:56
FTP RJ45 patch cable laptop to Dream)
USB cable to small size like the picture of you (not included, batteries were also missing)
Win 7
have now used the Ferrari Filler from another forum as well as the Ferrari-SSL82F newnigma2-release-dm800se V.3.3 and I see this now for 2 min

12:01:21 PM Boxtyp: DM800SE
12:01:21 "recover bad sectors" enabled PM
Compute checksum 12:05:06 PM ...

Unfortunately, nothing changes,
false image?

RJ45 FTP Patchkabel Laptop zu Dream)
USB kabel groß auf klein wie auf dem Bild von dir (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten, Batterien fehlten ebenfalls)
Win 7
habe jetzt die Ferrari Filler aus einem anderen Forum verwendet sowie die Ferrari-SSL82F-newnigma2-release-dm800se-V.3.3 und sehe jetzt seit 2 Min. dies

12:01:21 PM Boxtyp: DM800SE
12:01:21 PM "defekte Sektoren wiederherstellen" aktiviert
12:05:06 PM Berechne Prüfsumme...

leider ändert sich nichts mehr,
falsche Image?

31-12-11, 11:27
http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread....amup-For-800SE (http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread.php?111469-Dreamup-For-800SE)
is for SIM 2 im Display
ich habe Ferrari, versuche es jetzt mit Ferrari Filler

1:23:43 PM Boxtyp: DM800SE
1:23:43 PM "defekte Sektoren wiederherstellen" aktiviert
1:24:14 PM Berechne Prüfsumme...

1:46:00 PM no change

31-12-11, 11:41
Well you really need one of that cable to flash with sunray,
maybe you have a cable like the one a showed else where, like one from a digital camera or one from an external usb drive
they should be compatible also.

31-12-11, 11:53

31-12-11, 11:59

Ferrar iicon in the toolbar is gone,will now jo in the Dream again
Dream attached, no change .... *** STOP *** still IP

Ferrari-Symbol in der Symbolleiste ist verschwunden, werde jetzt die Dream wieder anschließen
Dream wieder angeschlossen, keine Änderung noch immer im Display: IP ***STOP***

31-12-11, 13:01
Strange this are happenig with your box mate never saw something like that before
wait a bit until one moderator see this thread he will help you out, never had a Ferrari before maybe
a few things have to be done diferente on them.

One more thing
Can you try flashing again but with no networkcable conected, just unplug the networkcable and try with the usb only

31-12-11, 13:12
did you find a mini usb cable?

did you follow this guide


31-12-11, 13:15
here how to flash with sunray http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread.php?111860-How-to-Flash-your-DM800-SE-DM500HD-with-SunRay-FlashUp-and-Browser

but if image is ok no need for it as only holding the button on start up will able you to use browser, same as this http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/showthread.php?107588-DM-8000-Firmware-Update-via-Browser

then send this file to /etc folder of dream box, press blue button on romote control twice and you will find the download extra on there.

Instal what you need for your card as i think you need cccam + oscam. CCCam on it's own will not read the card

31-12-11, 15:06
Flasch is the recommended gem for SIM2 display
software was installed with FerrariFiller (USB recommended)
at the end of the process is the message: Error Flasch, box can not be gebutet!
is certainly the right image for my DM800HDseFerrari?


der empfohlene Flasch ist für SIM2 gem Display
habe software mit FerrariFiller installiert (nur USB wie empfohlen)
am ende des Vorganges kommt die meldung: Fehler beim Flasch, Box kann nicht gebutet werden!!!
ist das sicher die richtige Image für meine DM800HDseFerrari?


31-12-11, 16:07
Try one image from here mate thease are all for Ferrari http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?2238-Ferrari-SSL82-Images

31-12-11, 16:14
to start with you should have flashed a correct image for your box. If ferrari, flash a ferrari, if sim 2 flash a sim 2 one.

That is a basic and to start from

31-12-11, 16:36
It's very easy to flash these SE DM's. I myself faced some problems (took me a whole afternoon in order to understand how these new boxes worked) because I WASN'T reading everything as I should.

Let me try to help you.

1- Download an image for your box (choose one you want). If you have a ferrari version you need to download a ferrari image (http://www.sat4fun.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?2238-Ferrari-SSL82-Images)

2- Turn de DM off in the power button (at the back).

3- Connect a LAN cable from the DM to the Router.

4- Connect a LAN cable from the Router to the DM.

5- Connect a MINIUSB cable (service cable) from the Computer to the DM.

6- Press the "Ez- flash" button (at the back) and AT THE SAME TIME turn the DM on (let your finger pressing the Ez-flash button at the back)

7- The DM will automatically show a Ip in the LED screen.

8- Then, it's standart procedure. Unzip the image you downloaded to get a xxx.nfi file. Type that IP in Internet Explorer and at the bottom of the page you'll see upgrade firmware. Select the image you have extracted and click flash.

you don't need to use any dreamup nor ferrari filler nor anything.

note: Red words are my suggestion as you can have the other options. But I'd prefer this in order to have 100% compatibility